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Jungle Tours and Treks 

1/2 to 1 Day Orangutan Easy Walking Tour

Suitable for low to medium fitness levels.  Experience the orangutan feeding platform and take a stroll through the jungle to see more orangutans and 4 different types of monkeys. Porters and all food provided.


From EU 40 per person (min 3 people)

2 Day Trek with Overnight Stay in the Jungle

Stay overnight to get connected to the spirit of one of the world's largest rainforests. Porters and all food provided.



From EU 90 per person (min 3 people)

Sumatran Elephant Tour

Visit the Sumatran elephant reserve where you can wash and ride your own elephant - a great family adventure!

WASHING EU 35 per person (min 2 people)

RIDING EU 85 per person (min 2 people)

Lake Toba Tour

Relax on this island paradise inside an extinct volcano crater. Driver, guide and food included.

From EU 50 per person (min 2 people)


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