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Sumatran Orangutans

The hotel is situated in Bukit Lawang on a river opposite a 8000sq KM rainforest teaming with exotic wildlife, including Orangutans, Tigers, Rhinos and many types of Monkeys and Gibbons.

We are a not -for -profit  start-up, partnering with the local community to focus on improving the lives of the Bukit Lawang villagers, habitat , orangutans and other  local wildlife through eco-tourism and conservation. 

The hotel has been custom designed to incorporate all the local elements to produce a unique experience of the highest quality. We offer trekking with experienced gyides who will guide you through this unique eco system with a very high probability of getting close to the Sumatran Orangutan, Thomas Leaf Monkeys and Gibbons.

Each room has been designed to provide a balance between western levels of comfort and Asian design with stunning balconies and views across the rainforest and river.


All rooms ensuite

24 hour desk

Daily housekeeping


Hot water


Car service


Stunning Location

Incredible Design


Walk 15 mins from the hotel to see Orangutans in the wild

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